About Us

ASAS Language Center represents a professional contributor to society and also a skillful provider of language learning needs for participants of all levels. What distinguishes us is that our training courses are targeting general and specific language learners’ needs and goes beyond that:  they can be tailored to every imaginable language level, working situation and field, depending on the learners’ wishes and needs. 

Knowledge of a new language means building communication amongst different cultures. In order to understand new cultural and social environments, it is necessary to obtain a powerful instrument of language skills to understand intercultural experiences and the domain knowledge of a completely different language and literature. Since this gives a demanding need for both practical and academic language skills, tremendous advancement of knowledge in all the different fields of study increases and the role of language centers is becoming vital to push forward the learning process taking part in the worldwide intercultural process. 


ASAS Language Center seeks to be the pioneer teaching institute that provides quality language learning programs and enriches the educational experiences of the Qatari society by adopting the innovative method.


ASAS Language Center fosters an exceptional language learning culture and exports its expertise through its unique programs designed to outfit the needs of different types of language learners.

Our Values





Developing performance


ASAS Language Center provides an outstanding language education to learners of all ages in Qatar. We aim to meet the diverse needs of a constantly evolving market with special and unique classes, featuring a mix of methodologies that are tailored to the needs of each learning group. In the meantime, we observe and maintain the traditions of the Qatari culture which implies that the learning environment is a non-co-educational environment, i.e.; male and female classes are held on separate days of the week. 

Our teachers are trained to create a positive and comfortable learning environment. They are dedicated to ensuring that learners feel confident; the atmosphere encourages sharing genuine knowledge, and a commendable teaching proficiency is granted. 

We have a modern digital language lab where learners can enjoy watching videos, listening to read-paragraphs and practicing oral exercises to help them improve their use of language in real-life situations. Moreover, practical conversations & pronunciation will help them overcome their learning obstacles.