Arabic For Non-Native Speakers

The Arabic language courses at Asas Language Center are designed to help students make rapid progress and focus on their four language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - with a lot of extra work on vocabulary, grammar, and good pronunciation, giving you more career and academic options in the future.

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Arabic For Non-Native Speakers

Improve Your Skills in the Arabic Language:

Asas Language Center works on designing Arabic language courses for several levels, corresponding to your interests, aiming to improve your abilities and skills in the Arabic language on a personal, practical and educational level. Our courses meet your passion to improve your job opportunities and complete the various academic stages, in addition to enabling those looking to work in Arabic countries with the majority of customers being Arabic natives. 

Become an Expert in the Arabic Language:

Developing your language skills for speaking, listening, reading and writing will earn you:

  • More self-confidence.
  • Mor opportunities for success and development in your professional life and career. 

Learning Goals: 

By the end of this course, students will be:

  1. Knowing all the alphabets.
  2. Writing and reading Arabic.
  3. Understanding basic conversations.
  4. Talking in Arabic in simple daily situations.
  5. Making appointments and meetings (talking about place and time).

Course Content:

Writing & Listening:

  • Arabic language introduction.    
  •   Arabic alphabet (28 letters),
  •   how to pronounce, write and combine.   
  • The Arabic short vowels and the long vowel.
  •    Reading practices.
  • Making and answering questions.
  •  Greetings and introducing yourself.
  •  Reading simple short texts. 
  •  Making simple sentences used in daily routine.  
  •   Telling time
  •    Jobs and occupations.
  • Talking about yourself, friends, and family.


  • The Arabic alphabet.
  • The subject pronounce.
  • The present verb and its transformation.
  •    Singular and plural.
  •   Possessive pronouns.
  • Learning the usage of this and that.
  •  Regular and irregular adjectives.
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