IELTS Preparation Course

This course provides students with all the information and details required to know about the IELTS test. As the IELTS test is considered one of the most accredited tests around the world, and from this perspective, this course was designed to be the first step in preparing for the next academic stage.

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IELTS Preparation Course

Duration: 4 weeks, 3 classes per week

Address: Asas Language Center Classroom or Online

Modules ِAvailable: Academic & General

Prerequisite: Free placement test

Language Level: Pre-intermediate and above

Course Fees: 1,500 QAR


An IELTS testing centre and one of the nationally leading learning institutions have planned and written this groundbreaking training course. Many of the course authors have a lot of experience guiding students to achieve their academic IELTS aim of getting into a university where English is the primary language.

This course contains engaging multi-media presentations that review key test-taking skills, tactics, and techniques in each component. These are supplemented by a wide range of authentic IELTS-style exercises and unique elements that allow for focused practice of the skills, tactics, and techniques.

What you'll learn

Skip What you'll learn

  • Learn about the IELTS test procedure and format
  • Learn useful test-taking strategies and skills for the IELTS Academic tests
  • Develop your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

As well as that, each course looks at common problems language learners have with that language skill:


  • how to give full and fluent answers to the examiner’s questions
  • how to improve your confidence when speaking English
  • planning a short talk in English
  • finding enough to say
  • improving your pronunciation
  • the grammar you need for the test


  • techniques like skimming and scanning to improve your test reading speed
  • reading about unfamiliar topics in English
  • improving your vocabulary and dealing with unknown words
  • coping with time pressure


  • understanding and describing charts and data
  • writing about trends
  • planning an essay
  • the grammar and vocabulary you need


  • listening test techniques
  • widening your listening range
  • staying focused when you listen
  • listening to conversations in English

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